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ABOUT VILLAGE PANCHKULA                                           
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Amar desh

Ducks in the ponds of Gram Panchkula.

Numerous ponds and dobas are there in the village which are the major source of fisheries and are homes of various Aquatic animals such as Tortoise, Otters, Frogs, Snakes etc.


A Straw in looking for small fishes in the river Khari which pass by the village.

Old Khamar Bari of Late Manmathanath Dey, Father of Shri. Subhash Dey, shri. Provash Dey and Shri. Jaydev Dey.

Panchkula- A small village of district Bardhaman

This is a small article dedicated towards my small but wonderful village Panchkula :

The village Panchkula is situated in the district Bardhaman or Burdwan, West-Bengal. Not many people know about this place or village, the village consist of a small primary School named "Panchkula Prathamik Vidhaylay", a small Health center, a Post office and two very famous temples named  "Chandrai Dharmaraj temple" and the "Hara-gouri temple". A river called Khari Nadi passes nearby the village and a road named Haldar road is the major roadway which connects Panchkula to different other villages like Pathar Pukur, Jagdabad and  Pilkhuri.

There are proper transportation facility like bus service is available from the village to the city Bardhaman. But the condition of road is pathetic and while traveling you may get some cramp in different part of your body. As the road is made up of red soil it has to be repaired after every year. Hence immediate and necessary action should be taken to prepare a permanent road connecting Haldar road to the Panchkula and other nearby villages. 

The Haldi Bridge on river Khari going towards Haldar Road

The other facilities such as drinking water, electricity and telephonic facilities are also there but as the infrastructure is not that good they give trouble to the villagers as there are no water taps and the electricity also creates a huge problem for the villagers as there agricultural irrigation is totally depended on the big pumps called Sub-Marshals. The governmental Cannels which are meant to supply water to the farmers are totally useless and do not solve the purpose of poor farmer.

The villages Primary School have seen some development such as more emphasis is been given to the studies and more students from the lower section of society are joining the school and the school is also been taken under the Sarwa Siksha Abhiyaan scheme. 

Festivals of Panchkula

Every year there are two major festival which are been organized in Panchkula the oldest festival of the village is "Gajan" which happens during the month of May-June in the Dharmatala- Chandrai Dharmaraj temple. During this festival season people from different villages come to Panchkula and the local people's home get filled with there relatives and friends from outside. The devotion of lord Dharmaraj in the village is almost 500 years old.

The other festival of Panchkula is Hara-Gouri Puja during the month of October and it start from the day next to Vijay Dashami or Ekadashi. 


                                                                Details of pujas

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Newly constructed an astonishing picnic spot for the visitors and tourists near Haldar Road.

The village Panchkula is full of Taal trees.  







  Information for contact : Sandip dey,I-183 Laxmi Nagar, Street no. 15, Delhi-110092  and  Subhash Dey, Village+Postoffice-Panchkula,            Bardhaman, West Bengal-713141, Phone mobile (West Bengal)- 9332069033.